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Do you have a buyers premium.
Yes we do but it is a very competitive at only 15% with no other fees.

How can i pay for my items?

We accept cash and card transactions - with no surcharge on card purchases.

When is the viewing for the auction.
Please click here for times and dates of viewing.

I cannot attend the auction, can I leave a bid with you.
Yes, just fill in a bidding slip with all the details and we will do bidding for you.

I would like to do a telephone bid.
We do accept telephone bids but only for items above £50.


Do we need to register to buy items at your auction.
Yes you do, you can register with the staff behind the jewelry counter and collect a bidding card from them.

How long does your auction last for.
Our auctioneers do around 150-180 lots an hour so on average they last around 4 hours on each day.

When can we pick up the items we have bought.
Once the item has been put onto your buying slip and you have paid you can collect your items by giving your buying slip to a porter. Please be patient during busy times, you will be served as quickly as possible.

I can't collect my items for a few days.
That is no problem, we can hold the items for a few days. Please make sure you let someone know when you can pick up your items as we start to set up for the next auction right away.

Is there parking available during viewing and auction days.
There is limited amount of parking at the auction during these days. Most people park in the council car park next to Morrisons which is just off Elm Road, it costs approx £3 for all day parking and is only five minute walk to the auction.

Can we park when we pick up the items we have bought.
Yes there will be spaces available next to the auction.

Does the auction publish a catalogue.
Yes we do have a catalogue, this is normally ready on Wednesday at a cost of £1 each. it is also available for viewing on the website.

What type of payments do you accept.
We accept all types of credit cards, debit cards, cheques with cheque card and good old fashion cash.

Do you have any staff available to help with heavy items.
Yes our staff are very helpful but please be patient during busy times.

Can we help ourselves to the items we purchased.
No sorry, only a member of staff can clear your items and you must have your receipt before they can collect the items you have bought.

You passed on a lot or it did not sell can we still buy it.
Have a chat with a member of staff and they will see if it is still available.

What are your commission rates for selling.
Our rates are very competitive as we only charge 15%.

Do you charge a lotting up fee or a non seller fee.
We operate a £1 lotting fee if the item sells, alongside the 15% commission charge.

What days do you accept lots for your next sale.
We accept items the week after the sale, Tuesday - Saturday and by appointment the week before the sale. We may be able accept lots after these dates for the next sale but this depends on if we have any space left as we do fill up very quickly. If you need any information please contact us.


Withdrawing Lots.
Any lots withdrawn by the vendor on the week of the sale could be subject to a charge of £10 per lot at the auctioneers discretion.


What are your office hours.
Please click here for more information about our opening times.
Is there anyone available to help with pricing the items for auction.
Yes there is someone available most days if not we can make an appointment for
you to meet one of our experts.

Is there anywhere to park so we can unload our items.
When delivering items to the auctions just pull into the slip road next to the auction.

Is there anyone available to help me unload the items.
Yes there is always a porter available to help you with your items.

Will my item be seen on the website.
We try to get as many items onto our website but cannot take a photo of every item so we choose a spread across the board to give everyone a chance.

What is the last day you put photos onto the website.
The Tuesday before the auction is normally our last update for the website but the sooner you get the item to us the sooner it gets onto the website where it gets maximum exposure.

Do you get many visits to the website.
The week before the auction we get approx: 2500 visits to the website.


When do you payout for items that we have sold.
We payout four weeks after the auction, if you cannot come into the auction to collect your payment then please contact the auction from the Wednesday and let us know where you would like your payment sent.


Some of my items did not sell.
If your item did not reach its reserve the first week, then you can enter it for two more auctions, the 2nd auction at a cheaper reserve then the third time at no reserve.


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